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Learn tips on how to better screen share and everything related to it..

How to Use Blurweb App

step by step tutorial on how to use blurweb app

hide screendesktop icons

Hide desktop icons while screen sharing

In this blog i will show you how to hide desktop icons while screen sharing.


9+ Chrome Shortcut keys

let’s improve your chrome workflow with chrome shortcut keys

gmeetauto admit participants

How to automatically admit the participants in Google Meet meeting?

Learn how to Auto admit participants in google meet with this browser extension

hide screengoogle docs

Hide Content Screen Sharing Google Docs

So i got a email from a customer asking not able to use blurweb app on google docs. So in this blog i will show how you can


BlurScreen App Vs Blurweb App

So blurscreen went live to users to use on 1 Jan 2022, Multiple blurweb app users started asking how is blurscreen different than blurweb app?


QuickPresent App Vs BlurWeb App

have a license to and thinking should you or should you not get quickpresent? read this


Saas Onboarding Email Template

i am going to hand over to your SAAS onboarding emails template we have used to get better retention and up-sales

blurwebhide screenwhatsapp

Hide sensitive info screen sharing Whatsapp web

learn how to hide sensitive info while screen sharing whatsapp web.

blurwebhide screen

Hide analytics and revenue screen sharing youtube analytics.

wana share your youtube analytics but worried about how to hide stuff? learn how