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blur anything on web

Easily blur any data on web page or screen sharing, no editing needed - just one click to hide anything on screen.

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Hide anything on your webpage ...

here is what you would do with blurweb app

Single Click Blur

Whether it is text, image, input, or video. Just click and it will be blurred out, Click again and it will unblur

hide anywhere on the webpage

Have something you want to hide but not completely? Use blur area to hide a part of the page independent of the element there

Keep blur even if reload

keep blur help you ready for live screen share as things will be already blur as shown in the fb ads example.

Control Blur Intensity

You can Control blur intensity increase or decrease based on your requirement, click to clear all blur and much more.

Hide Tab Title & Icon

screen sharing, google analytics, ads or some other webpage which have info in title? you can hide it with single click.

Hide selected text

you can click to clear all blur, blur selected text and much more.

Ready to go with any meeting software

Because blurweb app update the webpage itself to hide stuff, it works for every software.


Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

blurweb app

Blurweb App

Download and Install blurweb from chrome web store for chrome and other chromium browser, firefox addons store for firefox , and for edge store.

Enter Licensekey

Buy a license and after install just enter license key. Email so you can get key if forgot via /forgot and device name so you can manage active browser via your key from /my-account

Start Using

That's all start click on the blurweb icon and start using, On any webpage on the internet. You can use blurweb with any video conferencing app like zoom, google meet, microsoft teams, slack, discord, etc.

What our customers say

Rated 4.9/5 based on 158 customer reviews.

This does exactly what it says it will do. This is the extension you didn't know you needed. I'm using it a lot for YouTube videos, livestreams, and client presentations.

Michael Hyatt

Was very easy to install. Use this for hiding sensitive information with health records. Works great and allows me to provide the information I need without the worry of a HIPPA violation.

Joe Lessen

Simple And Fast to use, I bought this because of the very low cost and because it looked simple and fast to use. And, indeed, it is simple and fast and just works. I like blurring out things in a simple explainer video BEFORE I make the video rather than having to use a video editor later.


Must have extension if you make videos or share screenshots 😍 This is what I was missing for many years, it was a pain to take a screenshot and then blur the parts I do not want others to see. Such a simple, nice idea but extremely useful. Highly recommend taking at least one code.

Vikesh - Founder TexAu

Great Extension, Saves Time. I need to to create video recording of the screen for customer onboarding and for sending to prospects. It is a big hassle to create video and then blurr sensitive information using other tools. Thanks to this wonderful extension, it takes away the hassle and makes it convenient for me. A real practical solution and easily worth 10 times its price imo. Big Thanks to the developer!

Nimeash Patell

The simplest app I ever use, and yet it's saved lots of time. I used to use video software just to hide sensitive information. Now, it's just a matter of click, click and click. No need to worry about after production works. It's there and ready to use when screen sharing is needed!

Indratno Widiarto

Time saver. Love it. Love it. Love it. I do a lot of tutorials and had to blur sensitive information by editing videos. It was taking a lot of time. Now I save ton of time by clicking blur with BlurWeb app. So many hours saved. Thank you so much Sanskar.

Anatoliy V Kim

Simple, Affordable, and Effective. No need to worry about sensitive data being exposed once you have this tool. Easy to install and activate. More power to the product. :)

Benedict Jamora

Keep your sensitive information safe while screen sharing

Blur all your sensitive data on web instantly, when recording or screen sharing. No editing required