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Blur anything on Web

Blur all your sensitive data on web instantly, when recording or screen sharing. No editing required

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Rated 4.9/5 based on 158 customer reviews.

Money Well Spent Does exactly what it says on the tin. Ideal for lives and means you don't have to record a video and then blur sensitive info. For me one usage and it's paid for itself. Recommended, simple extension.

Phil Omus
Phil Omus


Single Click Blur

Blur any web elements with single click be it heading, paragraph, image or a video.

Once installed, simply hover on the section of the page you want to blur, and click your mouse button, that's it!

magalisds blurweb app user

Blur Area

Draw a rectangle anywhere on the page and we will make it blur while making it stay where you want.

Loved the new one, 'blur area' make this plugin even more complete. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Blur sensitive information on screenshots are easier than ever.

magalisds blurweb app user

Keep blur

Click Keep blur before you Blur any web elements with single click or blur area and it will stay with reload or if you open that url again.

It hides my sensitive information, even when I livestream! It seems really simple, but it's really needed to keep your private life, well, private from prying eyes.

magalisds blurweb app user

Control Blur Intensity, Hide Tab Title & Icon.

Control blur intensity, click to clear all blur, blur selected text and much more.

When I first bought this it was basic, but did what it said. Since then the developer has improved and added a lot of features and user interface improvements based on users feedback, so now it is better and more user friendly than ever.

magalisds blurweb app user

Blurweb App is Available for:

chrome firefox safari edge

blurweb.app runs on the browser as an extension so it works on any website, any theme and even works offline! Choose your favorite: Chrome,Brave Edge, safari and all chromium browsers Brave, Opera, Vivaldi and more...

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Blur any element

You can blur any element on a page, such as an input, a link, an email address, an image, etc.

Test Inputs, Links & Image

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Get started with Blurweb App

Install Extension

Download and Install blurweb from chrome web store for chrome and other chromium browser, firefox addons store for firefox

Enter Licensekey

Grab one license and after install just enter license key.

Start Using

That's all start using Blurweb App. On any page on the internet

Buy it once and love it forever

Have a peace of mind when screen sharing & save time for post production blur with blurweb.app

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  • Includes lifetime updates
  • 3 Active browsers
  • Includes Chrome Extension, Edge Addon and Firefox Addon
  • Works on Brave, Vivaldi, Opera and other chromium based browsers
  • Includes Safari Extension
  • Works with Zoom, Loom & Google Meet, Berrycast & More...
  • 7 day No questions asked refund policy

Have questions? / Need more licences? Use chat widget in bottom right hand corner.

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Blur anything on screen

Blur sensitive data instantly anywhere on screen, while recording or screen sharing. No post editing required.

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Single click worry free screenshare

Avoid embarrassing stuff while presenting. Notifications, desktop icons, apps and more.

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We are loved by more than 3000+ Content creators, agency owners, teachers and many more

Rated 4.9/5 based on 158 customer reviews.

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andrewburnett review blurweb app
Andrew Burnettfrom helleauยฎ
pspbiz review blurweb app
Anatoliy V KimOptions trader. Entrepreneur.

Simple And Fast to use, I bought this because of the very low cost and because it looked simple and fast to use. And, indeed, it is simple and fast and just works. I like blurring out things in a simple explainer video BEFORE I make the video rather than having to use a video editor later.

Jon review blurweb app

We are recording tons of videos to explain software and often need real data in the accounts to demonstrate stuff. This saves tons of time...super simple - great produkt and easy to use!.

pspbiz review blurweb app

Must have extension if you make videos or share screenshots ๐Ÿ˜ This is what I was missing for many years, it was a pain to take a screenshot and then blur the parts I do not want others to see. Such a simple, nice idea but extremely useful. Highly recommend taking at least one code.

Vikesh review blurweb app

Great Extension, Saves Time. I need to to create video recording of the screen for customer onboarding and for sending to prospects. It is a big hassle to create video and then blurr sensitive information using other tools. Thanks to this wonderful extension, it takes away the hassle and makes it convenient for me. A real practical solution and easily worth 10 times its price imo. Big Thanks to the developer!

Nimeash Patell blurweb app user

The simplest app I ever use, and yet it's saved lots of time. I used to use video software just to hide sensitive information. Now, it's just a matter of click, click and click. No need to worry about after production works. It's there and ready to use when screen sharing is needed!

Indratno blurweb app user

Time saver. Love it. Love it. Love it. I do a lot of tutorials and had to blur sensitive information by editing videos. It was taking a lot of time. Now I save ton of time by clicking blur with BlurWeb app. So many hours saved. Thank you so much Sanskar.

Anatoliy blurweb app user

Simple, Affordable, and Effective. No need to worry about sensitive data being exposed once you have this tool. Easy to install and activate. More power to the product. :)

Benedict Jamora blurweb app user

I'm using Blurweb when doing screen shares over Zoom. Prior to having this, I couldn't display screens with sensitive data, this has been a game changer! Highly recommended.

ChazMar blurweb app user

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a screen capture video and finding that you need to blur out this section or that. Ugh, blurweb.app helps to blur sensitive information on a webpage in few clicks so you don't have to in post-production video editing

Opie blurweb app user

If you share screen, teach a class, do screenshots or anything with sensitive information that you want to blur (live) and then share with the world. Then you need BlurWeb-app. 5 tacos

solesky blurweb app user

This covers sensitive information when you are recording a demo on your screen. You blur it in advance OR pause the recording and blur it first then continue the recording. I'm so grateful to have found this app, it's so helpful! Many thanks to the author.

gozseth blurweb app user

Simple & Effective, Does exactly what it say. Valuable for anyone doing screen-captures or live video.

lee blurweb app user

Great, small, original and very useful plugin. Sometimes such an opportunity was greatly lacked. I will blur now ..))

Nox blurweb app user

All the tacos for Blurweb, Blurweb is an easy and helpful tool. I do like 'keep changes' feature and loved the new one, 'blur area' make this plugin even more complete. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Blur sensitive information on screenshots are easier than ever and I do not have to make video's edition in many cases anymore. It is saving me a lot of time. The support is lightening flash, I think was the fastest support e-mail response I got so far on appsumo deals. I found the deal by accident. I was not looking for this kind of feature and I did not know I needed that muchโ€ฆ but now I can not live without! ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿงก

magalisds blurweb app user

Easy to blur a web page As many of the previous reviewers have noted, this browser extension is easy to install and use. Once installed, simply click on the section of the page you want to blur, and click your mouse button, that's it! I found out that by reloading the web page, the blur clears, and goes back to its original state. Overall, for the price, a no-brainer!

DanDalal blurweb app user

BlurWeb has become an indispensable part of my workflow. It is really a brilliant extension I love the ability to pick and choose the regions of the page or specific text or images to blur out. Makes it easy to record videos while keeping sensitive information secure. I am really looking forward to watching this tool evolve. Highly recommended.

Just Sturgis blurweb app user

Simple and brilliant idea! Could save you tons of time having to blur sensitive information in post production. Although the click to blur functionality works well, I'd love to have the ability to select HTML elements to blur out. Highly recommend!

Nefer Lopez blurweb app user

Such a simple app that does what it says it's going to do and that is blur! I find it very useful that I can use it within google and not having to take a screenshot and then upload to photoshop and blur something out. The best part is when you do screen share and you can blue parts of the page out instantly. That's pretty cool. I haven't found any down sides of this app yet. It does what it said it would do. Blur :-)

Matt Woityra blurweb app user

This is a great tool. As I have to present often and sometimes I live stream, it is really great to have a tool to quickly blur out things right before I share them. Plus it helps when I am creating documentation. Easier to blur it from the browser than to have to try and blur it after the fact. Great tool. I highly recommend.

Roy W. Richardson blurweb app user

Less post-production with video The program saves a lot of time. No need to wriggle with video editing software, which I donโ€™t want to show. Using the Blurweb App add-on is very easy. I use it with Berrycast.

Attila Gyarmati blurweb app user

Simple and Effective. An app that is simple goes hand in hand with its great utility when it comes to hiding sensitive information. Helping me keep my privacy safe without losing my love for sharing things from my browser. Highly recommended!

Oswar Nieves blurweb app user

I train professionals in Marketing. I had lot of problems , in sharing my screen. I used to go offscreen to my students often. This used to create problems for me and my students, One of my Mentor Sorav Jain told me about this wornderful software My mentor told me to buy this to solve my problem. Thus i purchased this software I do not have to go off screen. I saved time. I could ensure my privacy
I recommend Blurweb to all Trainers, Course Creators, Senior Corporate Professionals. Basically any one who wants to earn from the Internet

Jon review blurweb app
read more reviews on webstore ยป Save time having to blur sensitive information in post-production

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Nothing is more frustrating that watching a screen capture video and finding that you need to blur out this section or that. Ugh, blurweb.app helps to blur sensitive information on webpage in few clicks so you don't have to in post production video editing.

Is there a list of supported browsers?

blurweb.app is developed and tested to work on Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Edge , Opera . It will work on all Chromium-based browsers. Safari coming soon.

How does active browsers work?

Each license is limited to 3 simultaneous activations on browsers either the same device or multiple - which can be easily deactivated and activated again by yourself on blurweb.app/my-account anytime.

Are there any plans for new features?

Definitely! we are realising updates on a regular basis you can check it at blurweb.app updates.

Does blurweb app works with Microsoft team?

Yes blurweb app works with Microsoft Team, Google Meet, Zoom, Loom and others. Since it hides the info on the webpage so which even software you use to screen share blurweb app will work.

Can you please explain permissions and how you are keeping user data secure?

Blurweb requires access data for all websites to be able to add the blur but we do not store any data, even the data for keep blur is saved in your local storage and we save only the domain and the position of the element not the content.

Does the app collect the sensitive data that we blur? Meaning is this private data stored anywhere on your or a third-party server etc.?

No browser extension only sends two info to the server license key and email you submit to validate your account rest is stored locally, locally we only store domain and element location to blur not the sensitive data itself.

"Keep Blur" not working for me - whats the reason for that?

Make sure to click on keep blur ๐Ÿ’พ icon first then blur element or blur area, if not working still then send me a mail at sanskar@blurweb.app .

Does blurweb app blur the URL bar as well?

No, that is not something a browser extension can control. Hence we made sperate app for this called blurscreen.app

Does blurweb app works on mobile

Yes it does works here is quick demo on android.

Questions? Send a mail at sanskar@blurweb.app

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