How to Use Blurweb App


Sanskar Tiwari

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Let's go through each feature and how blurweb app can help you.
  • If you hold blurweb app in the corners, you can move it horizontally
  • Initially as the app starts, you can click to blur and un-blur elements weather it is paragraph, image, video and more.
  • If you click on first Aa Icon then you can select the text and press high light text button to blur the highlighted text
  • Click on Hide title icon to hide the title of the webpage.
  • Click on blur-area icon For a free form blur selection use blur-area feature, with this you can draw rectangle anywhere and that area will be blur.
  • Click “Clear All” to remove all the blur on webpage, weather it is clicked to blur or blur-area.
  • If you wanted to remove specific click to blur just click on then to un-blur and if you want to remove specific blur-area click on blur-area icon and then you can delete.
  • Use + 10 - to control the opacity of the blur.