Hide sensitive information making youtube videos


3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Let's see how Ismail a Blogger/Youtuber uses blurweb app helping him run a live session without worrying about his data. It saves his time to show students examples in videos as well. It protects his data with 1 click.
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Muhammad Ismail

What is your background and how do you use blurweb.app?

I have been blogging at Ismailblogger.com for the past ten years about a large range of topics, such as affiliate marketing, WordPress, and SEO, and have over 4 million views on my YouTube channel.
When it comes to teaching stuff live, it's important to blur sensitive data so as to avoid copying strategies and techniques from others.
Blurweb is a time-saver that makes blurring things easy. In the past, I spent hours editing out sensitive information from my videos to prevent my work but Blurweb made it all easier for me!

How were you handling things before you switched to blurweb.app ? - What problems did you observe?

During the live classes, I had to show my metrics without revealing any sensitive data. Most people won’t believe me if they see recorded videos because of trust issues; instead, they might get annoyed at not being able to provide them with what is required!
Before I started using blurweb, I had to take screenshots or use 2-3 different tools to blur the details.
By using Blurweb app during these sessions, all problems are solved which makes demonstrating your service easy as pie.

What internal and external factors made you decide to buy blurweb.app ?

As a YouTuber, I was looking for an affordable solution that would make my content creation process easier. Blurweb.app is exactly what I needed because it's easy to install and manage things with 1 click - no more wasted time!

What were the three most important benefits you received as a result of using blurweb.app?

I can run a live session without worrying about my data. It saves me time to show students examples in videos as well. It protects my data with 1 click.

Do you feel like you gained any competitive advantage with using blurweb.app?

I believe that I did gain a competitive advantage because I can show live proof to my audience and they can decide on time if they want to buy my service, without any fear.

Whom would you recommend to get blurweb.app?

I recommend Blurweb to every individual, YouTuber, freelancer, and SEO agency that deals with clients.