Hide Email Address and more while screen recording with blurweb app


3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Let's see how Arun a Content Creator uses blurweb.
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Arun Sarathy

What is your background and how do you use blurweb.app?

I’m Arun Sarathy, a Content Creator, teaching at Tech Library TV and mostly talking about books (and self-publishing), productivity, and design.
I use blurweb.app to blur out sensitive information that sometimes shows up on my screencasts.

How were you handling things before you switched to blurweb.app ? - What problems did you observe?

I do screen recorded tutorials and software demos. It also means that sometimes my email address, or even physical address, or phone number gets exposed.
Previously, I always edited or blurred such sensitive information manually within my video editor which took a ton of time. Plus ensuring the blurs are properly made in every moving frame takes even more time. Worse, I may not do a good job in one go, and it might end up getting revealed in the rendered video - and then I have to edit and render the video all over again!

What internal and external factors made you decide to buy blurweb.app ?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know there was actually a solution to my problem (Heck, I didn’t even know I had a problem). So when I first stumbled on Blurweb App and saw what it can do, I was immediately sold on its unique idea. I instantly knew it has the potential to save unquantified tons of minutes in editing time forever in my lifetime.

What were the three most important benefits you received as a result of using blurweb.app?

  1. First - the ability to mask sensitive and personally identifiable information.
  1. Second - ability to save hidden info even AFTER a page refresh (this feature got added after I bought it, based on user feedback - which shows the dedication Sanskar has towards his creation).
  1. Third - there is almost always something getting improved with Blurweb.app’s abilities and features - that’s really exciting and reassuring!

Do you feel like you gained any competitive advantage with using blurweb.app?

Indeed - the time that’s saved is a HUGE advantage. I can now focus on creating content that my audience loves instead of worrying about sensitive information getting leaked inadvertently.

Whom would you recommend to get blurweb.app?

  1. Content creators and teachers who need to share their browser screen to anyone else by way of screencast recordings,
  1. Live webinars with screen sharing situations
  1. Live team meetings that warrant sharing screens with others during online meetings.
  1. With the “blur area” feature, we could now even blur faces (if needed) that aren’t moving much (like talking head videos) much in a video, played back on the shared screen.