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3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Let's see how Myriam a Certified Digital Marketing Trainer uses blurweb app helping her save time, being able to use blurweb app on multiple devices helps.
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Myriam Jessier
I recommend this tool for SEO agencies, freelancers and more! I have some data scientist friends who also love it.

Whom would you recommend to get blurweb.app?

It helps me do my job better and more efficiently. I don’t need more and I don’t need less, it is simply perfect to integrate in my existing toolkit and processes.

Do you feel like you gained any competitive advantage with using blurweb.app?

I save time and my sanity with this tool. Plus, I get to install it on multiple devices so it’s not like I am limited to one specific device to do my work. It’s been really great! There isn’t much more that I can say: it does exactly what you want it to do. You can customize what gets blurred to tailor your visuals to your specific needs.

What were the three most important benefits you received as a result of using blurweb.app?

If you use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Big Query, Shopify data, Tableau or any other software that collects sensitive data that should not be shared publicly - this is the tool for you!
Blurweb app is an affordable, low risk, high reward option for anyone working with sensitive data. It’s right in Chrome and gives you so much freedom. It was the solution I didn’t know I was looking for!

What internal and external factors made you decide to buy blurweb.app ?

I have shared this app with other SEO experts and they felt the same way. It really does improve my quality of life and my work. It helps my students get more information and insights from me. I don’t think I would go back to what I was doing before I started using this app. My work partner started getting curious as well because he noticed that I no longer complain about certain things he still complains about!
This app is the best, most affordable investment I have ever made to improve my work life. Blurweb app is the equivalent of finally splurging and buying the premium tea to start the day vs the sad low quality supermarket tea option. This is the best way I can explain it.
I had a choice between spending hours editing things or simply NOT share certain portions to my students or in my conference decks. I chose to simply live with these constraints because editing was such a headache.

How were you handling things before you switched to blurweb.app ? - What problems did you observe?

The Blurweb app is a time saver. It makes blurring things a breeze! No more hours of editing when I create a deck or a training video! Honestly, even screen shares are safer for me now. No more worrying about what could accidentally show up on the screen.
As a certified digital marketing trainer, I have been teaching many folks about what I do. I also give conferences all over the world. In my line of work, this means sharing tangible results and this often means risking client data privacy if things aren’t blurred properly. It was limiting what I could do.
My name is Myriam Jessier and I work as a digital marketing strategist in the boutique agency PRAGM. For the past 15 years, I have specialised in international search engine optimization and analytics.

What is your background and how do you use blurweb.app?