Hide Sensitive info while giving demo to your clients


3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

Let's see how Andrea a Cloud Developer & AWS Partner uses blurweb app helping her with peace of mind of keeping her info safe, save time and focus on content itself not on how will she share it.
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Andrea Monzon

What is your background and how do you use blurweb.app?

I’m a cloud developer working for an AWS Partner. As part of my job, I frequently give demos to clients about AWS services, record videos and give public webinars where I must share my screen.
Using blurweb.app allows me to hide sensitive data while doing this, so I don’t have to worry about showing something I wasn’t meant to and feeling safe while presenting

How were you handling things before you switched to blurweb.app ? - What problems did you observe?

Before blurweb.app, I had to invest hours of my time in editing videos, and I had to restrain the content I could share, making a limited experience for my clients and people watching the content.

What internal and external factors made you decide to buy blurweb.app ?

The simplicity! This was a solution for me to don’t worry anymore about sensitive info during these activities. I could just blur it out, and keep concentrated on the content I wanted to share.

What were the three most important benefits you received as a result of using blurweb.app?

First I will say the peace of mind of keeping my info safe, that it is a time saver and that now I can keep focused on the content itself and not in how I will share it.

Do you feel like you gained any competitive advantage with using blurweb.app?

Yes, definitely! I can now give more complete demos and prepare them faster because now I can just blur whatever I don’t want to share. .

Whom would you recommend to get blurweb.app?

I would recommend it to anyone who has to share content, and that feels limited to what can be or not done because of sensitive info. This is the solution!