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How Marketing Consulatant Uses Blurweb App

Nicholas Scalice
Nicholas Scalice

Let's see how Nicholas a marketing consultant uses blurweb app helping him save time, giving freedom to utilize real examples in his videos, and ensures that the privacy of his accounts and his client accounts are always protected.

What is your background and how do you use

I’m a marketing consultant who runs a growth marketing agency. I also create content for marketers and share a weekly growth marketing newsletter . I’m constantly making videos and screensharing with clients and people in my community, so I needed a quick and easy way to block out sensitive data on the screen.

For instance, when making YouTube videos walking through different marketing tools, comes in handy because I can pull up a live account and share different features without worrying about private data getting out.

How were you handling things before you switched to ? - What problems did you observe?

I never had an easy solution for this. I would simply be extra careful when sharing things from live accounts or from client accounts.

I would either just use screenshots and edit them heavily, or I would avoid demoing things in live accounts on screen altogether. solved all of these problems with one simple tool.

What internal and external factors made you decide to buy ?

I needed a better way of sharing content on-screen while creating a more cohesive experience for viewers. The solution needed to be easy to understand and easy to use, otherwise it would just add more time to my process. solved these problems because its an affordable, easy-to-install extension.

What were the three most important benefits you received as a result of using

It helps me save time, gives me more freedom to utilize real examples in my videos, and ensures that the privacy of my accounts and my client accounts are always protected.

Do you feel like you gained any competitive advantage with using

Yes, it makes my videos more professional and polished.

Whom would you recommend to get

I recommend all marketers, marketing agency folks, and content creators get if you care about the video content you make and want it to be more professional.

Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing.

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