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How To Film Yourself and Your Screen At The Same Time

Do you want to learn how to record yourself and your screen at the same time just like what i'm doing right now in the video.

Well in this step-by-step video i'm going to show you exactly how to do it so they can create professional video tutorials to post up on youtube to create presentations or to even create your own e-learning products and courses so keep on reading and watching.

Hi my name is aurelius and I'm going to show you now how to film yourself and your screen at the same time the first thing you're going to need is a screen recording tool and

that very tool is called loom now they do have a free version and that can be downloaded but of course with anything that's free there are certain restrictions so just to go through it quickly

You can record up to and store 25 videos and you must leave the loom branding as you can see custom branding you can't remove the loom branding as well as its recording tools and settings

Such as the ability to be able to draw on your screen at the same time and set a custom recording dimension but if you do want to get serious about recording screen tutorials and presentations using loom their plans do start from eight dollars per month build annually

With that said to get loom all you need to do is click on the get loom for free button sign up and from there you'll be given instructions on what to do next

Whether to install the chrome extension or your browser extension for loom and the ability to also download a desktop version

In this tutorial we'll be showing you how to do it using the desktop app on mac but the steps are very similar for windows systems too after you've installed loom

All you need to do is load it so on my mac i've got applications and then going to loom from the top menu you'll see loom and

this is where you can now set the settings whether to record your screen and your cam or your screen only or just your camera

but of course what you do want to do is record the screen and yourself at the same time so we're going to choose screen plus cam

now choose whether to record your whole screen or a particular window before you go ahead and start recording

what you're going to want to do is configure your hardware so for camera you want to select your webcam

I've got my logitech 922 pro selected here if you use a macbook pro you can just select the macbook pro webcam

next choose your microphone in my case i've got my scarlet solo usb which is connected up with my rode pro caster here

next up after you've configured everything and you're ready to start recording open up your presentation or whatever window you want to record

and then head over to loom selecting the options whether you want to record the full screen or window or custom size but in this case i'll just select window and then choosing the selected window

i'll just choose the google chrome for this demo and i've got my little bubble here now you do have some other options on the left which you'll be able to use later but

let's now go ahead and start recording so on my mac here on the screen you can see it the shortcut to start recording is shift command l or command shift l so

i'll just hit those keys and then that'll start the recording in three seconds so three two one and now it's recording

and this is a tutorial on how to film yourself and your screen at the same time now if you do wanna pause it i'll just hit the pause button that will pause the recording

and if you want to redo it or delete it just click the trash can icon now let's say you've finished recording all you need to do is hit that stop button and that will upload it to looms server

from here i can play it back if you do plan on uploading this on places such as youtube then you can download a copy and that will download an mp4 version there are some basic editing options here

So let's say we want to trim parts of this video so click on trim and we can go and start trimming wherever we want so let's say the end of it and click on remove once you're done

with the editing we can click on publish changes and that's all good to go

if you want to revert those changes go back to trim and then click on revert to original that'll then pop up and say are you sure you'd like to delete all of your edits click on ok and now we've got the original back there

If you don't have anywhere to host your videos then all you need to do is use the link sharing option and click on the copy link now that's copied to my clipboard

and that's the very link that you want to share to your team members or your customers or whoever else so there you have it that's how you quickly and easily record yourself and your screen all at the same time

Okay now you are sharing your screen now its time to make sure you have sensitive information hidden while you do so.

You can hide it with BlurWeb.App which can hide anything on web pages with click or you can draw a rectangle to blur anywhere. If using loom for desktop you can checkout Blurscreen App which can blur your screen.

Tip: In confrese doing screen sharing can be tough, we always have to worry what might be visible and no way to hide. To solve that problem i have build following application which you must checkout

  • Blurweb App: It helps hide anything on webpage with single click, hide a sepecific text segment, or just draw a rectangle and it will hide what ever below it while sticking at the same place
  • BlurScreen App: It helps hide anything on screen just draw a rectangle and it will hide what ever below it while sticking at the same place
  • QuickPresent App: Single click worry free screenshare, this hides the app icons, changes wallpaper, turn of notification and more..

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